CKJr examines the question of State vs. the Individual. What does Establishment of Religion say about bodily integrity and collective responsibility?

There is a fundamental and dangerous misunderstanding of the symbolism used in admonishing us to "turn the other cheek."

The idea of a "world religion" for each person on the planet isn't strange or absurd. It's already a fact of life and undeniably true.

There once were two friends of very different and peculiar personalities. Adam and Zed saw the world in two ways.

We've been told belief in "miracles" is a primitive and unscientific fantasy. But a closer inspection will show that claim is unsupportable.

We have been conditioned to accept the idea all "law" is sacred. It certainly isn't when the intent is self-serving at best or diabolic at its worst.

Why do we have a separation of church and state? Looking more closely, we see the danger of monopoly power as it plays out in secular and religious life.

How would you describe religion or revelation? The manner in which you answer this question determines to what extent you are able to open to Truth.

Why have we allowed those entrusted with the law to turn lawless? Restraint of those in authority has reached a time of critical decision.

Understanding our present predicament hinges on understanding the toxic role coercion plays in our personal and cultural interactions.

Compassion is nurtured in our heart when we see others' choices in a non-coercive light. By freeing them from coercion, we free ourselves.

What are the basics of this belief system and from where do they arise? CKjr separates the wheat from the chaff in this quick overview.