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Peacefulness, Truthfulness, Choice: The Measure of a Self-Owned Life

 May individuals live in such a way as to be free to pursue the life they most desire? A simple path to follow that will minimize or even eliminate friction and conflict with others?"

Establishment of Religion℠Non-Coercion is the Way to Own Your Life

 Can trust be built back into our societies so that we may know with certainty the truth of our relationships and our obligations, and begin to conduct our life in that truth?"

Establishment of Religion℠Fully Informed Consent Will Build Trust

 Can we truly be free if we are not able to choose our relationships in the way we believe to be morally fit, and as we also allow others the same freedom of choice?"

Establishment of Religion℠Voluntary Association: Free to Be Yourself

What is Your Problem?

Church and State: Monopolies of Power?

Why is the separation of church and state so important? Looking more closely, we see the danger of monopoly power as it plays out in secular and religious life.

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Religion and Revelation: What Are These?

How would you describe religion or revelation? The manner in which you answer this question determines to what extent you are able to open to Truth.

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From Coercion to Compassion: Connect the Dots

Compassion is nurtured in our heart when we see others' choices in a non-coercive light. By freeing them from coercion, we free ourselves.

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De Coercitione: On Coercion

Understanding our present predicament hinges on understanding the toxic role coercion plays in our personal and cultural interactions.

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A Little Jab Will Do Ya

CKJr examines the question of State vs. the Individual. What does Establishment of Religion℠ say about bodily integrity and collective responsibility?

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CKJr Does Q&A

Confused about what all this means? Let Charles King Jr help you get from here to there with your questions about Establishment of Religion.℠

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The Nine Principles

The Nine Principles

Humankind has reached a stage of its development that it may know and accept the Truth: it is not the wrath of God or gods we should fear. Rather, it is the ignorance, greed and lack of compassion of humankind, now and in the future, which threatens to destroy us as individuals and as a society. Our need for this message is a shield to protect us from ourselves, not God, so deep does our self-harm run. Within productive voluntary cooperation and a sincere intention to understand one another, we may, each of us, self-validate our most deeply held beliefs within any tradition that inspires our efforts, or no tradition at all.

  1. Establishment of Religion℠ is a clearly defined system of moral and ethical principles, as revealed by Universal Intelligence through Charles King Jr. It is given for our time, while addressing age-old questions of moral action and social responsibility as expressed and experienced in contemporary life. It may be placed within the framework of a constantly evolving understanding of the appropriate role of individuals, collectives, and the mediating institutions of government, commerce, faith and other familiar structures that profoundly touch all human lives.

  2. Establishment of Religion℠ recognizes as its fundamental proposition the centrality of non-coercion in any compact between individuals, and between individuals and social institutions, and the concomitant principle of voluntary association. These bedrock beliefs are the Three Tests of 1.) PEACEFULNESS as expressed through non-coercion; 2.) TRUTHFULNESS as expressed through fully informed and meaningful consent, and; 3.) CHOICE as expressed through the right of voluntary association. Together, they form the core of Establishment of Religion℠ teachings, and the reason for its revelation at this critical time in human history.

  3. Establishment of Religion℠ does not claim to be antecedent to, nor superior to, any other religion or spiritual path. Adherents of this path are free to practice any religion or no religion; to be theist, deist, atheist, agnostic, monotheist, polytheist or syncretist. At the same time, it boldly proclaims itself within the historic tradition of reformist movements, as Jesus was among the Pharisaic class, Gautama Buddha among the Brahmins, Prophet Muhammad, Baháʼu'lláh, Martin Luther and countless others.

  4. While it places the strongest emphasis on non-initiation of coercion or violence, it is not pacifist in nature. It recognizes the ultimate drive within the heart of every living being to assure its own survival, and the moral imperative of self-preservation when that survival is threatened. It further recognizes a profound moral obligation to resist coercion with reasonable compulsion against any aggressor, wherever encountered. Reasonable compulsion is the permitted use of an appropriate level of force to defend or deflect prohibited coercion, aggression or violence.

  5. It is fully in harmony with such familiar and widely accepted prescriptions as, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you do not wish for coercion to be used against you, do not do the works of coercion against others. Charles King, Jr. does not claim any special quality that distinguishes him from other rational human beings, but instead proclaims the uniqueness of the message at this time, a new emergence of old Truths.

  6. This message may be conveyed through direct revelation, aphorism, parable, humor, social commentary, political critique, art form, hand signals or any other method that seems appropriate to the labor of engaging an interested hearer in the task of self-examination of personal belief and the adoption of the principles set forth herein.

  7. We take this opportunity to reject self-proclaimed authority figures and self-chosen arbiters of moral rectitude. Nor do we accept that our moral conscience or bodily integrity may be compromised by the corrupted expedient of so-called representative voting or administrative fiat. We concede to no one the right to speak for us, unless by our fully informed consent we voluntarily cede that right.

  8. Charles King Jr. offers this message as a freewill gift of love to the world’s peoples, wherever this message may be heard. It will be given freely at all times and in all places. No material benefit may be exchanged for it, but two or more Believers may, by voluntary consent, provide support through independent underwriting of the costs of any reasonable method of outreach, including publication in print or electronic media, This support is to be regarded as their personal donation of effort and material resources and at no time will any Establishment of Religion℠ entity or person be entitled to accept any gift, donation, tip, compensation, emolument, perquisite or other pecuniary benefit from the sharing of this message. Such  fruits of Mammon are to be considered as antithetical to the original intent of the revelation and shunned by true Believers. No material resources are to be held in reserve or accumulated by the Body of Believers for the purpose of advancing the work.

  9. As we herald the primacy of the message and our ability to independently offer this New Revelation without fear or favor, Establishment of Religion℠ will be conducted as a No-Profit Body of Believers. We will not collect funds of any type or apply for favorable tax treatment with any government agency, nor will we be able to provide tax exemption to those who offer their own material support. Establishment of Religion℠ is a body of practitioners bound together by their voluntary association and shared, sincerely held belief in the Three Tests of the faith as the touchstone of required duty. We will not incorporate nor petition any secular or religious authority for the privilege of offering the teachings at such times and in such manner as we find most suitable, within reasonable constraint by civil authority when it exercises equal treatment under the law for Establishment of Religion℠with other groups of similar interest.

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  • As expressed in The Nine Principles: "Establishment of Religion℠ is a clearly defined system of moral and ethical principles, as revealed by Universal Intelligence through Charles King Jr. It is an expression for our time, addressing age-old questions of moral action and social responsibility as experienced in contemporary life." So from a functional perspective, it very definitely is a body of true religious teachings.
  • Are you living the values shared in The Nine Principles, those being PEACEFULNESS, TRUTHFULNESS and CHOICE in all you do, as sincerely held beliefs and to the best of your ability? If the answer to that is "yes", then again, it is truly a religious practice in your life.
Charles King Jr is the Name in Spirit given to a male of American birth who has spent more than 45 years in the pursuit of Truth.  The fruits of that long search are the teachings offered in the Establishment of Religion℠writings on this website. It is not the season to provide more information on the personality of CKJr as it only serves to focus on the person passing along the message rather than on the message itself, where it should be.

The Buddha remarked, "I am only a finger pointing at the moon. Do not mistake the finger for the moon." True paths emphasize the message; personality cults emphasize the messenger.
Considering yourself to be among the Body of Believers merely means you truthfully and wholeheartedly agree to follow the Three Tests of PEACEFULNESS, TRUTHFULNESS and CHOICE in your life, while allowing the same latitude of belief for others.

Think of it this way: if you are a Christian, you consider yourself to be Roman Catholic, or Greek Orthodox, perhaps Lutheran or Pentecostal or Southern Baptist, or Church of Christ, and so on. You may be a Mormon. If you follow Judaism, you may be Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. If you follow Islam, you may be Sunni or Shia or perhaps are most comfortable identifying as Sufi. These are all variations of the great underlying spiritual ideals that inspired them.

Establishment of Religion℠ should be considered in the same way. You do not renounce any of your previously held beliefs, unless of course you wish to. We have no need of a membership roll or donor list. Your sincere attempt to live the principles espoused here is all the commitment we seek, and all we will ever ask of you.
One of the unique characteristics of Establishment of Religion℠is that it's brought forth from twin sources. Tanto is a given Name in Spirit that suggests "of or in fullness of life", while it means "so much" in Spanish.

Tanto's contributions are of a friendship with CKJr that goes back decades, brought together by the same spiritual pursuit. He and Charles King Jr have traveled together in Life and it was of no great surprise that their separate journeys would intertwine in a most unusual nexus when the teachings began to unfold.

Tanto wishes to remain in obscurity at this time and focus on providing a vital analytical counterpoint to the stream of teachings from CKJr that at times can be daunting to properly interpret.
Because we live in a society where many people are still operating from the mindset of coercion, fraudulent misrepresentation and actions hostile to voluntary intercourse, Establishment of Religion℠ has a service mark applied to protect the long-term purity of its message, and the no-profit nature of its mission.

While we would prefer not to have to resort to such artifice for enforcing fair play, until the majority of humankind accepts the principles of honesty and true dealings, we must make use of this expedient to achieve the goals that have been set out for us.

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Many, perhaps most, of those who come to these pages do so out of their interest in religious exemption from vaccination. Whatever brings you here, you are most welcome. But just a few words might be in order, to make the most out of your visit today and your use of the exemption letter, should you decide to make use of it.

Establishment of Religion℠ is not a hoax, not a spoof, not a prank or a lark. While there are humorous nuggets sprinkled here and there for your enjoyment, the very serious purpose should not be missed. That purpose is even more urgent than securing the exemption letter, as crucial as that may be to you at this moment.

What is revealed in these teachings is way to look at ourselves, and others, in a much more wholesome light than we have been trained to see. We have been taught in our great cultural institutions of government, business, education and even doctrinaire religion that we must overcome others, bend them to our will, beat them out and if necessary, beat them down. Win them over, drive them out, offer no recourse if they hold different perspectives than we do.

In reality, all that is necessary to begin to create a peaceful and prosperous future for all is to learn to forego coercion of others and to refuse to accept it inflicted on ourselves. To give up the nonsensical conceit that we should be allowed to choose the path for another rather than letting them create their own ideal of a life well-lived, to the extent it does not impinge on others.

To employ this affidavit and notice powerfully, you must hold the sincere belief that non-coercion, full disclosure of relevant facts to others that they need, and a willingness to allow voluntary association to guide you will be your practice. To come here without that intention is to end before you have begun on this path of self-discovery...because you have already defrauded yourself and accepted a counterfeit semblance of belief.

If you take the time to read the words on this site, and to think deeply about their meaning to YOU in your life, you will begin to sense a powerful, transformational force. That force will be apparent to anyone who may interview you about your use of the materials. Your personal commitment to consistent adherence to the Three Tests in your life will be the best guarantor that your testimony will be seen as truthful, will be powerful in impact and will be effective in convincing others the affidavit accurately reflects the values you hold in highest regard.

Best wishes to you,



and Notice For Any Requirement Infringing On The Free Exercise Thereof

The Body of Believers of    

Austin,Texas USA

To Whom It May Concern;

I, FULL NAME HERE, wish to assert my constitutionally protected right of association with Establishment of Religion℠; my sincerely held belief in its teachings and practice, moral compass and efficacy; and further, to assert a notice of requirement to any natural or artificial person or entity to present reasonable proof lawfully justifying infringing the free expression of my sincerely held religious belief through involuntary vaccination. 

Such principles are enshrined in the Three Tests, as offered by Charles King Jr. They are:     

  1. Non-coercion;     
  2. Fully informed and meaningful consent;         
  3. The right of voluntary association.        

Together, they form the core of Establishment of Religion℠ teachings, and the reason for its emergence at this critical time in human history. The First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause protects individuals from government interference in the practice of their faith, prohibiting government from targeting laws at specific religious practices or placing undue burdens on worship.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Non-coercion is the principle tenet of Establishment of Religion℠, as revealed. Non-coercion is a universal constant within the teachings, and a duty demanded of all those who claim a sincere belief in these teachings. It is inclusive of both our duty to others as well as their duty to us, and forbids participation in any behavior or action that arises from either party within a coercive exchange, that being an exchange in which one party is disadvantaged by disproportionate influence upon the other.

Fully informed consent provides the rationale for access to all data substantive in its impact on our, or another person's, decision making. To withhold relevant information makes fully informed consent impossible, and is considered to be coercive in nature within the teachings. The COMIRNATY vaccine that has been approved by the FDA for use in the US has an extensive list of redactions made to the Summary Basis for Regulatory Action paper (available below) made available to the public. With such a broad withholding of product information from potential users, and no credible alternative sources to explain what the basis of the redactions are, it is hard to conceive of a less transparent informational offering for those seeking full disclosure as their right before making a choice, and to adhere to the requirements of their beliefs.

Voluntary association is the freely made choice of an individual natural person to be in relationship to a person, organization, institution, activity or action. Forcing association against the freely given consent of another is coercive and strictly forbidden by Establishment of Religion℠.

There is no restriction within the teachings of Establishment of Religion℠for any medical procedure that is lawful under civil authority and engaged in voluntarily. While others may have medical, philosophical or personal objections to vaccines or a particular medical practice, my right of exemption is not based on these reasons. 

My individual right of freedom of conscience, as offered first in the enumerated guarantees of the Bill of Rights, takes primacy over all other collective rights that have not been clearly shown to be urgent and necessary as an essential public good. Reasonable accommodation to my sincerely held beliefs must be made, reasonable being those actions which treat similar risks of infection, transmission or other deleterious outcomes in vaccinated individuals in comparable ways to any proposed requirements for me.

I will consider an alternative solution within the context of necessity so long as it meets the Three Tests of my faith and is  applied equally to others of medically comparable condition, whether vaccinated or not. Further, it is my prayer that both those facing immoral coercion and those implementing policies of coercion find their moral innocence by trusting in, and practicing, the Three Tests. You are hereby noticed of my objection to the infringing on my religious beliefs and practice by the appearance of coercion in this instance.

By this Affidavit, I therefore respectfully decline to agree to the present directives, based on my sincerely held beliefs.

Submitted by:


[WITNESS #1 ]      [SIGNATURE]     [DATE]

[WITNESS #2 ]      [SIGNATURE]     [DATE]                                                  [NOTARY AS ALTERNATIVE]      [SEAL]     [DATE]

COMIRNATY Summary Basis for Regulatory Action

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